Light Zodiark Lavender Beds Ward 6 Plot 36


Welcome to Oceanis! Our Ocean-themed Nightclub (18+) and Headquarter of the Party Animals.
Open Fridays at 7pm ST.

01. Bar-Menu

non-alcoholic drinks 1,000gil

  • Fresh Juices

  • Coffee/Tea/Hot Chocolate

  • Energy Drinks

  • Fizzy Drinks

alcoholic drinks

  • Beer 2,000gil

  • Wine 2,000gil

  • Spirits 2,000gil

  • Cocktails 3,000gil

  • Shots 2,500gil

Signature drinks

  • Rena's Buns Love 4,000gil

  • Rena's The Zoomie 4,000gil

  • Satris'es Amora di Mare 4,000gil

  • Fabo's Blue Ice 4,000gil

  • Brenno's Knockout 4,000gil

  • Bella's Dance Forever 4,000gil

  • Gorbeljin's The Jellyfish 4,000gil

  • Minty's Mint 4,000gil

  • The Harpoon 50,000gil

  • The Hitchhiker 42,000gil

Bar Buyout (free drinks for everyone)

  • 30 minutes of free drinks - 750,000gil

  • All night long / until bar closes free drinks + VIP for the buyer - 5,000,000gil

02. Photoshooting

50k // One Person Shoot (1 Pose, 1-2 Pictures)
150k // Couple Shoot (1 Pose, 1-2 Pictures)
+100k // for every Person added to the Picture

Want something to make your night at Oceanis unforgettable? Why not ask our photographers for a picture? A picture says with sight, what we can't say with words.Our photographers Mai Ris, Lumi Uchiha and Satris Tinzel always aim to give you a beautiful memento of the awesome time we all spent together.Just /tell them ingame and have a chat about your dreamshot, or open a ticket on the Oceanis Discords very own #private-photographer-pics channel. An available Photographer will get to your request in due time.You will receive your commission via link in ingame chat, or via discord in the ticket-channel you opened.

Nsfw Pictures taken by Mai Ris
250k // Please refer to her directly. Price may rise depending on complexity of the shoot.

For private shoots (of the nsfw variety) in one of our dancer rooms, you can refer to Mai Ris directly.

03. Dancers

Don't hesitate to have a little chat with our dancers. They'll make sure you have a good time ♥
No services are available for lalafells.


  • Private Dance for 30min (100k gil + 30k gil per extra person)

  • Lap Dance for 30min (70k gil + 20k gil per extra person)

  • BF/GF Experience for 30min (100k gil)

  • ERP for 30min (300k gil + 150k gil per extra person)

  • Rent a Room for 30min (150k gil)

Ash Yusira
BF and Erp Services

Lily Hyperia
All Services

Furia Bloom
All Services

Tenzu Vina
BF Experience only

Crow Nightfall
Lesbian with strong F+ preference
Limitless Sub
All Services

Emma Antares
Bisexual, leans hetero
GF & Dance services

Rena Lovingway
All Services


Room 01 - The Cuddle Cave

Sometimes, the party gets a little too loud for us. When you need to escape for a bit to unwind, retreat to the Cuddle Cave. With pillows to hide in, a moonlit bay window bed, cuddly toys and plenty of tea and biscuits, you will have the comfiest night ever. ♥designed by Ceraza Cherry

Room 04 - Hygge

Hygge is a Coerthan term for comfort, friendliess and contentment. This room exemplifies that with its understated yet modern look, minibar, slanted skylights and natural hot tub. Relax to your heart's content.designed by Dori Me

Room 06 - Ocean Dungeon

I would love to pretend there is an elaborate setting for this room, but simply put, it is a sex dungeon. Get chained to the bed or the wall, get locked in a cage, or have fun with the range of torture devices. It's a sex dungeon.designed by Ceraza Cherry

Room 07 - Zenakan

An idyllic Eastern themed room with natural influences, Zenakan's mood lighting and comforting layout is the perfect place for a tranquil rest. But with a dance pole at the foot of the bed, it can be used for many more purposes!designed by Isuka Tinzel

Room 08 - The Sun Deck

Bright and breezy, this room has the aura of a summer's morning, warm sunlight pouring from the bay windows. With a kitchenette, dining area and reading corner, the Sundeck is the ideal relaxation room ... assuming that's what you're looking for.designed by Rena Lovingway

04. Gambling

Want to test your luck for the night? Join our gambling tables hosted by our partners from Phoenix Nights. Always providing a variety of different games to enjoy your evening.

05. Lineskip/VIP

Want to skip the line in front of the club and/or want to have a more quite place within the venue? With VIP you get a free lineskip, free drinks at the bar, access to our VIP area. Just message any of our security staff for it.

  • Lineskip 175.000gil

  • VIP (1 person) 300.000gil

  • VIP+ (2 people) 500.000gil

We also sell monthly VIP ticket. These tickets are month specific, means it's NOT a ticket for 30 days, it's a ticket for the whole month XY.

  • monthly VIP (1 person) 1.200.000gil

  • monthly VIP (2 people) 2.000.000gil

06. The Team

❄️Christmas drinks❄️

  • Grinchy Punch 5,000gil

  • White Christmas Margaritas 5,000gil

  • Jingle Juice 5,000gil

  • Peppermint Martini 5,000gil

  • Jack Frosties 5,000gil

  • Mulled Wine 4,000gil

Room 02 - Captain's Quarters

This luxurious suite is used for business during the day, and pleasure during the night. Grab a drink, either alone or with one of our lovely dancers. Featuring a bay window, sunken hot tub, two dance poles and a special enclosure, you can get your taste of the high life!designed by Bella Jakkya

Room 05 - Aquarium

If you love the look of Oceanis and think it would be suited to a more intimate setting, the Aquarium is the perfect room for you. Enjoy a private dance on the couch, or sip champagne in bed while watching the fish outside swim by.designed by Ceraza Cherry